luxury property

Luxury Property in Sotogrande

Looking for a property in Sotogrande? When money is no object, let yourself dream big and choose your own luxury property in the Sotogrande area. Our expert estate agent services can help you find the perfect luxury property from our range of stunning options. If you’re looking for a Sotogrande villa, maybe a modern town house, or you want to keep it subtle with a Spanish apartment, your luxury home in...


Apartments for sale in Sotogrande

Are you looking for a little home away from home to enjoy everything Spain has to offer? Then choose an apartment for sale in Sotogrande with the Bristow Property Group and start enjoying your life! We are the largest estate agents in the area so we know a thing or two about apartments for sale in Sotogrande, in fact, we’ve built our business on it! No matter how big or small your budget is, we have...


Villas for sale in Sotogrande

Nothing says home like your own private pool, which is why villas for sale Sotogrande is our most popular request! Whether you’re new to Spain or your simply looking to move and expand, looking for villas for sale in Sotogrande can be a daunting task, so let our team of real estate experts guide you. No matter how big or small, we have the biggest choice of villas for sale in Sotogrande, so don’t...


Properties for sale in Sotogrande

Browse properties for sale in Sotogrande including Plots, Apartments, Townhouses and Villas in Sotogrande with Bristow property group. We are the go estate agency in Sotogrande and surrounding areas. In fact, we have more property for sale in the Sotogrande area than anyone else! Our team of real estate experts can help you find the perfect property for sale, ranging from townhouses to villas,...


Sailing in Sotogrande

Thrill-seekers are spoilt for choice at Sotogrande, with a plethora of water sports on offer from sailing, kayaking and kitesurfing, to wakeboarding and diving. The winds that roll in to the coast of Southern Spain have long made Sotogrande popular with sailors, so it’s no surprise that Sotogrande plays host to various...

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Estate agents in Sotogrande

Sotogrande estate agents are the number one property agents for the largest privately owned residential development in Andalucia. If you’re looking for a Property for sale in Sotogrande, no matter how big or small, allow Bristow Property Group, help you to find your dream home. With our 15 years worth of experience, Sotogrande Estate Agents will give you a personal, bespoke service designed to you...

emergency telephone

Emergency Telephone Numbers Sotogrande

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS Emergency / Emergencias   ·  112 Emergency / General de urgencias   ·  092 Firefighters / Bomberos   ·  085 Firefighters Manilva / Bomberos Manilva   ·  + (34) 952 792121 Doctor San Enrique (24 hours)   ·  +(34) 956 670648 / 49 Guardia Civil Guadiaro   ·   +(34) 956 794304 Police / Policía Nacional   ·  091 Local Police...

airport transfers

Malaga Airport Transfers to Sotogrande

Malaga airport is the Costa Del Sol's main airport and is the nearest airport to Sotogrande at about a 90 minute car journey. There's a variety of transport options available to reach Sotogrande including bus, car rental and Malaga airport taxi...


Tennis Courts Sotogrande

Have you found your luxury property in Sotogrande? The real estate agents of Sotogrande are pleased to inform you about the two different venues where you can take up a game of tennis. There is the Sotogrande Racquet Club (open year round), which has 3 hard tennis courts, as well as some paddle courts. Here there is the opportunity to take up lessons with one of the pros if you want to improve your...

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